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Zinc Die Casting

Involving the use of reusable or permanent molds, the term
permanent mold casting refers to a process.

Trusted and Reputed Zinc Low Pressure Casting Manufacturer

Are you in the need of a trusted and reputed Zinc low pressure casting manufacturer in China? Look no further! We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Aluminium & Zinc die-casted and machined components and working with global clients for over many years. We ensure the industry-standard parts at a competitive pricing range.

Our optimum level of End to End solutions includes Prototyping, Casting Simulation, Tool Designing & Manufacturing, Core Making, Powder Coating, Die Casting, Shot Blasting, Assembly & multi-process, etc.


OurZinc Low-Pressure Casting Process-

In simple terms, Zinc Low-Pressure Casting Process is the best process of Zinc components that are widely used for different industrial applications. In this type of process, the mold is positioned vertically above the molten metal bath and linked via a riser tube. Once the chamber is pressurized, the metal is dragged skyward and into the mold. This process ensures that customers will receive the best standard of casting parts according to their specifications.

We put special consideration while manufacturing casting parts and our Zinc low pressure casting in Chinainvolves several capabilities and restrictions. We never compromise with the quality expectation of our valued clients and our expert engineers always put their best to meet your component requirements. This process accounts for around 20% of light metal casting but.

Our top-class Zinc low pressure casting process always uses alloys with low melting points that enable parts up to around 150 kg. Our casting parts havehigh strength and thin walls with the most intricate shapes while improving material usage.

NINGBO INNOVAW MECHANICAL CO., LTD is a renowned supplier of die casting parts across the globe. Rest assured that you will get the best deal. All you just need to call us whenever you require Zinc low-pressure casting parts.

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