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Zinc Die Casting

Involving the use of reusable or permanent molds, the term
permanent mold casting refers to a process.

Zinc Die Casting Mold with Outstanding Repeatability

Zinc Die Casting Mold with Excellent Repeatability-

When Zinc die casting method is extensively used for several industrial applications, Zinc die casting mold plays a major role in this process. Introducing the Zinc die-cast process, the molten metal poured into the mold to produce precisely dimensioned, accurately defined, smooth, or textured surface metal parts.

As leading Zinc die casting mold manufacturer in China, we always emphasize the client requirement and specifications. Operating over a decade, NINGBO INNOVAW MECHANICAL CO., LTD never compromises with the quality of casting parts.

We use the best quality of raw material of Zinc alloys to manufacture small to large run part indistinguishable castings for your manufacturing requirements. You must know that the development of Zinc die casting mold is a versatile process that allows the production of a huge volume of small to medium-size casting parts.

When it comes to mold making, the designs should be confirmed which can involve Metal Rapid Prototyping. There are different specific alloys we include in this process of Zinc die casting mold in China such as Zn alloy Zamac3,5, 8. Our expertise and extensive knowledge in this industry,make us able to produce more advanced and précised casting parts as per the needs and expectations of our valued clients.


Benefits of Zinc Die Casting Mold-

  • It is cost-effective than other die casting procedures
  • It produces a wide variety of products in a large volume
  • It ensures thin walls and lightweight casting parts
  • It enables close dimensional control and good surface finish
  • Outstanding EMI/RFI shielding characteristics

Are you looking for a premium quality Zinc die casting mold? You can contact us anytime that you need it. We will be happy to give you perfect assistance when it comes to producing die casting parts. Our expert customer service department team will respond to your questions that you may have relating to this process.

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