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Zamak Die Casting

Involving the use of reusable or permanent molds, the term
permanent mold casting refers to a process.

World-class Zamak Die Casting Mold in China

Undoubtedly, the die casting process is versatile and inexpensive when it comes to manufacturing high yearly volumes and intricate geometries. Especially, the Zamak Die Casting process is considered one of the finest methods for different industrial applications as it can able to produce a large volume of parts yearly.

As a leading Zamak Die Casting mold manufacturer, we always focus on the weight of the material to produce components. Generally, Zinc maybe not considered as an ideal option when producing lightweight parts as compared to other metal alloys. We would say that zinc could be a more economical choice when we look at the complete die casting procedure and its stages. 

Our Zamak Die Casting mold can able to reduce the secondary machining and assembly operations and at the same time, it offers inexpensive parts to the customers. As we know in the die casting process, mold plays a major role and it ought to be designed precisely to give the best outcomes of complex-shaped parts. So, as a responsible and reliable Zamak Die Casting mold manufacturer, we aim at delivering the best quality of Zamak Die Casting mold in China and across the border.


At NINGBO INNOVAW MECHANICAL CO., LTD, we understand the demand of the current market so that we are providing a range of casting products that include high pressure die castings, gravity castings, and sand castings & hot chamber die casting.

Our Zamak Die Casting mold usesthe best grade of raw Zamak alloys to manufacture large run part castings for your industrial requirements. We always follow the quality standard and safety standards as we offer superior client satisfaction. You can contact our expert team for small to medium-size castings.

We have been functioning in this die castingindustry over many years and maintain the versatility, quality, and reasonable deals. We have a strong reputation based upon our excellence and dedication.

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